Projects Available for Residency/Performance/Exhibition

Mt Taylor layered

Fields of Decay:

mapping energy fields in sites of environmental endangerment. creating site-specific “experiencements” to encourage visceral environmental empathy. For inquiries, email at


Pathways in Wonderland:

neuroscience and theater combine in a series of interactive altered-reality adventures examining aging, memory, insanity, patterns, and choice. For inquiries, email at


The Dalí Project:

hybrid puppet play based on the fantastical life and work of surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.For inquiries, email at


I am available for commissioned articles and guest posting on your site—I cover a range of topics from art, travel, spirituality, creativity, health and wellbeing, yoga, healing and more.

You can visit for my personal blog.

I also do creative copywriting that speaks from the heart. If you would like to sell your products or services in a way that speaks to your vision, let me do the writing for you.

For all advertising and PR inquiries please contact me at


I’m a certified Reiki Master with 20+ years of mind-body integration research and experience. I combine energy healing with breath/voicework and physical/perceptual practices derived from Japanese disciplines of Butoh, Noguchi Taiso, Suzuki training, and more. I offer individual Reiki sessions (in person and remotely, to people and animals), and I can develop a healing program designed especially for your needs. for healing inquiries.


If you would like to learn Reiki to heal yourself or others, I am available for teaching Levels 1 & 2.

Meditation and movement classes available upon request

Stay tuned for an upcoming online course on Creative Freedom: Living Your Artlife!

Contact: for teaching inquiries.