Fields of Decay

Fields of Decay: after a successful presentation at Metro Arts Brisbane, Fields of Decay is unearthing further sites of interest to map the energy fields of human beings in relation to sites of environmental endangerment. our radar has detected possible action at Sweden’s Baltic Sea, the Great Barrier Reef, and more. if you have any leads for sites, please email us at


NyamaNyama: winter 2016 will transport me to Burkina Faso, Africa to work on NyamaNyama, the second international art festival in Diébougou, for the local people by the local people with the executive committee of NyamaNyama.

Pathways in Wonderland

Pathways in Wonderland: being created in development with Italian director Lorenzo Montanini and in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. Flavia Mengarelli, Pathways in Wonderland will explore participants’ relationships with aging, memory, insanity, and patterns in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style experience utilizing 360º altered-reality technologies.