Christmas Day  (Falling Leaves Productions)


  dir. Steve Rahaman

Queens Bound  (Falling Leaves Productions)


  dir. Steve Rahaman

The Louise Log  (Web Series)

  Jackie Parlance

  dir. Anne Flournoy

Running Dog  (Dale Johnson Creative)


  dir. Dale Johnson

Night in the City  (Columbia Graduate Film)


  dir. Juan Raigada

Runaway Shortbus  (RCPC Productions)

  Various Sketch Comedy

  dir. McCord Fitzsimmons


The American Clock  (HB Playwrights Foundation)


  dir. Austin Pendleton

Epona’s Labyrinth  (HERE/The South Wing)

  Head Nurse

  dir. Kameron Steele

The Bald Soprano  (HB Playwrights Foundation)


  dir. Amy Wright

9 Hours to Fallujah  (American Globe Theatre)

  Sargeant Maureen Jackson

  dir. Craig McNulty

The Millionairess  (HB Playwrights Foundation)


  dir. Carol Rosenfeld

Seek (Garden Variety)


  dir. Jyana Gregory

Guided Consideration of a Lamentable Deed 

(HB Playwrights Foundation)


  dir. Daniella Topol

R.A.W. (‘Cause I’m a Woman) (Cabaret Theater)

  Asian Woman 4

  dir. Christina Wright

puppetry/dance theater

Event of a Thread (Park Avenue Armory)


  created by Ann Hamilton

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle  (Edinburgh Int. Fest.)

  lead female puppeteer/Dream Police

  dir. Stephen Earnhart, Tom Lee (puppetry)

Artifact  (Joyce SOHO/knifeinc.)


  dir. Aya Ogawa

Thirst: Memory of Water (LaMama, Etc.)

  performer/puppeteer/contributing writer

  dir. Jane Catherine Shaw

Epyllion  (HERE/Aeolian Theatre)


  dir. Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith

Full (Judson Memorial Church/SHUA Group)


  dir. Joshua Bisset/Laura Quattrocchi

Giant Place Detail (World Financial/SHUA Grp.)


  dir. Joshua Bisset/Laura Quattrocchi

H U G  (Bruno Walter Theater)


  dir. Julie Troost

Dark Space (Chashama/imnotlost/Infinte Coast)


  co-created by Alexis Macnab & Kate Brehm

City of Hamburgers (Alphabet Arts)


  co-created by Kirsten Kammermeyer & Amber West

Puppets Got Talent! (Alphabet Arts)

  puppeteer/creative ensemble

  dir, Kirsten Kammermeyer & Amber West

original work

Clytemnestra 3.0 (Onassis Cultural Center, Athens)

  Collisions of Epic Greek Theater & Technology Singularity

  created with The Night Bears

Dream Robot (PUNCH!)

  Short Robot-Puppet film

  created with John and Cairo Jannone & Ellery Royston

Meat & Light (Red Room, Horse Trade Theater)

  Nori/Noir Live Comic Book Drawn during Performance

  created with The Night Bears

The Dalí Project (DIA/St. Ann’s/TNC/Dixon Place)

  Salvador Dalí Hybrid Puppet Play

  created with Serra Hirsch, Puppet Junction

Assumptions Made in the Dark (New Workshop Thtr)

  An Evolutionary Hero’s Journey Told In the Dark

  created with The Night Bears

Metaphysical Dalí  (The Cherry Lane Theatre)

  One-Person Show as part of The Painters Project

  dir. George Bartenieff

John & Emily: Two Kids That Fell in Love (PUNCH!)

  Short tale of Puppet Love

Everyone Dies...Right?  (SITI Extended Ensemble)

  Hamlet Inspired Piece

  dir. and conceived by J. Ed Araiza

Name This Film  (Darth&Lobster)

  created with Davina Cohen & Andre Morton

RING  (FURY Factory, San Francisco)

  Shakespeare meets Sasha Fierce

  created with Davina Cohen

ATOMIC  (CRS, Voces de la Argentina)

  Atomic Jaya Adaptation

  created with Jimena Duca

Cummington County Swim Meet (E|MERGE, MA)

  created by the Collaborative Pool @ Earthdance

Finding Om  (Inbred Hybrid Collective)

  Siddhartha Project

  created with Davina Cohen


Name: Sophia Remolde

Height: 5’ 5’’

Weight: 105



Youtube Channel




The Lobsterbird Chronicles

Robot Immigrants

The Chelsea Hotel Project

Company Affiliations

Puppet Junction

The Night Bears

Robot Immigrants

SITI Company

The South Wing

Alphabet Arts


HB Ensemble

Vampire Cowboys

SHUA Group

Special Skills & Training

Puppetry, Yoga, Fight Direction (Combat and Martial Arts), Dance, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Butoh, Horseback Riding, Tennis, Skateboarding, Drivers License, Bartending, Jewelry Design, Knitting, Dialect Proficiency (Cockney, Japanese, Brooklyn, Southern, and others...), Clarinet and Ukulele (Working Knowledge), Gargle Music