Sophia Remolde is a theater, film, dance, and puppetry artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Sophia wears many hats, including writing, directing, performing, designing, and all that is needed to collaborate and create.

As a performer, Sophia has appeared in numerous productions at the HB Playwrights Foundation and collaborates with various companies such as The South Wing, Theater Three Collaborative, knife inc, imnotlost, SHUA Group, Aeolian Theatre, Alphabet Arts, and members of SITI Company.

Sophia is the Associate Director of Puppet Junction Productions and a founding member of the art-science collectives Hybrid Kaleidoscope and the Night Bears. She also choreographs as a fight director, and is one half of the performance duo Darth&Lobster. Her original work has been featured at St. Ann’s Warehouse, The Cherry Lane Theatre, La Mama, Dixon Place, Theater for the New City, and the FURY Factory Festival in San Francisco.


March 13, 2015

Whoaaaa, updating my website was eclipsed by a crazy year of travels and artmaking! I traveled to Japan, Korea, and California. I made and performed in all kinds of projects. I have been writing and photographing non-stop. And most relevant here, I am completely redesigning my website myself. The new version with all the juicy news bits will be live soon!

June 14, 2013

Off to study Japanese for 8 intensive weeks at Middlebury College on Mills Campus in California! Signing a contract to only speak Japanese, so 日本語で話して下さい or else I will speak to you in August!

May 4, 2013

First ever Butoh Robots project! Night Bears team up with Tokyo Space Dance for Space Dance in the Tube. Part of the New Museum’s Ideas City Festival. The robot flies again!

April 27 & 28, 2013

Robot Immigrants invade Brooklyn! PIMA MFA thesis project at 7 Dunham. My Heart Is a Traveler -- Artists, Cyborgs, & Robots: Working Together to Create Collective Consciousness Over the Unfathomable Cliff.

March 15, 2013

Night Bears panel on Post-Human Ethics: The Self as Media. As part of Brooklyn College’s Global Media Ethics Conference.

January 22, 2013

Night Bears John & Sophie talkback after Resonance Ensemble’s production of R.U.R.!

Dec. 5, 2012 - Jan. 6, 2013

Sophia is reading as part of Ann Hamilton’s Event of a Thread at the Park Avenue Armory. People and pigeons are soaring through the Drill Hall - uplifting and inspiring!

December 3, 2012

Dancing with robots at TEDxSiliconAlley! Sophia teams up with Falkor Systems for some human-robot collaboration. Stay tuned as our hijinks go viral...

October 8-21, 2012

The Night Bears go to Greece for Medea Electronique’s Koumaria Residency. Creating art under the stars with six other exciting international artists. Performance at Across The Great Divide—Human-Machine Improvisations in Athens!

September 2-5, 2012

The Night Bears residency/workshop performance at The Red Room with Horse Trade Theater Company was full of Meat & Light. The first volume our new nori-noir graphic novel created live in performance with digital long exposure photography. To be continued...

August 19th, 2012

Second year PIMA MFA begins. Welcome to the thesis: Robot Immigrants unite!

August 3-5, 2012

Puppet Junction’s Dalí Project melts time at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Moustaches for everyone!

May 25-26, 2012

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle flies again...First Asia performance at the Singapore Arts Festival!

May19, 2012

New blog is launched! Please follow The Lobsterbird Chronicles to join me on an artmaking journey around the world!

April 29th, 2012

This is My Home: Voices from the Chelsea Hotel. Please join us for this one-day only interactive soundwalk to raise funds and awareness for the Tenants Association of the legendary Chelsea Hotel. Created in collaboration with many of the unique individuals who make this important artistic center what it is today. Sangria and stories will be shared!

December 16, 2011

First PIMA MFA performance! “Assumptions Made in the Dark” as part of Secret/Frequent.

December 1, 2011

Hybrid Zombie/Vampires eat Brooklyn! Watch the madness here: Zompire Vixens From Pluto!

October 20, 2011

Sophia’s short tale of puppet love screens at PUNCH Puppet Slam: Short Films series! Click here to watch: John & Emily: Two Kids That Fell in Love!

September 2011

Sophia begins grad school at Brooklyn College! MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts!

September 10th, 2011

Join Alphabet Arts for Puppets Got Talent at the 5th Annual Hawthorne Street Block Party! We are gearing up for a series of future performances in the Fall as well, so stay tuned!

Our adult comedy web series, Running Dog, streams on DISH Network Online! Check out the first episode here: Running Dog Shortcuts Episode One.

August 2011

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is a hit at the Edinburgh International Festival! Click HERE for the festival’s official page!

June 24 - 25th, 2011

Sophia performs in H U G, a performance piece created by Julie Troost and commissioned by Solar One as part of their summer programming. The project aims to heal painful memories through this simple and universal gesture. Submit your own memories or come be a part of the installation!

April 7th - 23rd, 2011

Epona’s Labyrinth, a surreal multimedia collaboration between The South Wing Company and Nibroll, performs at HERE Arts Center. Sophia plays the Head Nurse in this dystopia of sexual perversity and modern medicine.