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Artmaker * Performer * Writer * Healer *Lobsterbird


We have the ability to create our reality. Creativity is infused in everything we do—the reason we are standing here today is a total act of creation. As human beings, we are powerful and innately free to manifest as we choose. Yet the world is filled with suffering, from the mundane frustrations of life to the larger acts of social and environmental injustice. Through art, writing, healing, and compassionate social action (which at its simplest form is being present with the pain), my work integrates into forms that reveal how we can change the world around us—by starting exactly where we are and working from inside-out.


I am a nomadic pilgrim largely based in Colorado, NYC, and various locations by the sea and trees. Using multimedia to create art at the intersections of art/science, visual/performing arts, and nature/technology/spirituality, my work celebrates the universal interconnectedness of the everyday.


This world is infallibly interconnected. As human beings, our greatest insecurity is feeling separate—from ourselves, each other, and disconnected from the world around us. Training in a multitude of somatic, academic, creative and spiritual disciplines results in an interdisciplinary cross-pollination expanding boundaries of perception, developing imaginations and uniting them in a shared mind-body field. Through my creations and services, I share philosophies, trainings, and practices that cultivate a greater sense of growth and freedom, to reveal each person’s unique role in the dance of interdependence and inspire people reach their true potential.


I believe in unity in diversity; collaboration is at the crux of all my work. What I create reflects this world within and around me—one that is full of inherent magic and people are free to love and be. The art takes many forms and is always site-specific, both a response to and reflection of the environment for which it is made.


Through creativity and healing, let us make connections, spread light + happiness + magic, and create the world of our dreams.


Co-founder of art-science collective The Night Bears.

Associate Director of Puppet Junction Productions.

MFA Thesis: Robot Immigrants.

I am not
I am just not
Salvador Dali


Intelligence without ambition

is a bird without wings.

Salvador Dali



collaboration with: Davina Cohen


collaboration with: Jimena Duca

All those who throw themselves into the void

have at bottom only one desire,

to be reborn at any price.

Salvador Dali


Sleeping is a way of dying or at least of dying to reality,

better still it is the death of reality, but reality dies in love as in dreams.

The life of man is entirely occupied by the bloody osmosis

of dreams and love.

Salvador Dali


Where is the real?

I look at my hand… It is nerves, muscles, bones. Let us go deeper: it is molecules and acids. Further still: it is an impalpable waltz of electrons and neutrons.

Further still: an immaterial nebula. Who can prove that my hand exists?

Salvador Dali




Metropolis Artists Agency

    208 East 30th Street, 2nd floor
    New York, NY 10016
    Contact: Marius Bargielski

    I Look Forward to Connecting with You.


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